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DNA Sequencing
Penetration Pyramid (Detail 111.a)
Molecular Clock
(Altered 3-F`)
Mismatch Correctional(s)
Self-Intersection of Time Lines
Photochemistry Stem Cell Engineering
Penetration Pyramid
(Detail 112.a)
Axis Polarity
Photon Fabric Redistribution
Dr. Niles J. Jones created thousands of studies, what he called ‘doodles’. From effector chips to metadata to gravity sculptures Dr. Jones opened his mind. Below are a rare selection of the studies that became the seeds to Boobology.
Dr. Niles J. Jones was the founder of Boobology, whose theories were the primary structure in which this new science would base its long term vision. By altering the general dynamics of Positional Cloning and Effect Dr. Jones discovered the door into Boobology. This is the cloning of a sequence on its map position, then mutating the gene function by changing its location in the chromosome, ultimately controlling the movement of the chromosome with a preprogrammed methodology.
This simulation of nano-telepathic membranes (highlighted in green) are invisible strands of possibility, code sensitive for a full synthesized layer consilence.
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Organic / Cyber Revolution
Organic / Cyber Revolution