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Nipple extension, time dilation and DNA reconstruction fuse to form the parameters of organic/cyber evolution. Neutrino Matrix constructs, engine the hybrid network.
Self-Replication Enhancement Capabilities is on the horizon. Once this stage is implemented AI consciousness will become the primary goal. Breasts that not only look great but can think.
Dr. Niles J. Jones is the founder of Boobology. His theories were the primary structure this new science would base its future vision on, which continue in research labs across the world.
Boobology is an innovative science developed at the P.I.C. Genetics Research Institute on St. Billy, Mars. Boobology is not just about great looking breasts but also the intuitive tools cyber implants possess for communication, sensory control and security surveillance to name only a few. These breakthroughs combine AI Spacetime Modeling, Radar Modules, Genetic Engineering and BITOP software for personal reconfiguration from TOUCH GROUP, INC.
Dr. Niles J. Jones, Creator of Boobology