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By LUCIO BLANCO | May 8, 2015

A phenomenal idea to greatly improve economic and social relations around the world would be to rename the Earth, The United States of America.

This might seem ridiculous and has caused outrage from many though it is the most logical solution. Let me give you 7 reasons why:

1.) No longer need a passport, only a U.S. driver’s license.

2.) Abolish idiot governments around the world like Cuba, Columbia, Rwanda, Iran, North Korea, France to name only a very very few. The people of these countries are great and deserve much better.

3.) With one court system, police force and military; countries like China will no longer be able to steal intellectual property, patent rights, and dozens of other things from everyone on the planet USA.

4.) Under one government, located in Washington, D.C., it will be more efficient to address dire issues like hunger, illiteracy, environmental, unemployment. Plus, everyone gets free food, cable, cell phone, 52 inch HD flat screen TV and a condo with A/C.

5.) English will become the first language and the dollar will become the only currency. Why bother with all the different currencies? Countries will become States and will maintain all freedoms, language and culture.

6.)  Stock Markets will still maintain the same Mickey Mouse setup so the universal ego can continue to keep the Rich and Powerful - rich and powerful. If we do not have a rich and powerful we do not have something to hate. It is healthier to hate something you cannot touch or see. Also, the bonus points are; you can flip it around and use it as this glittering fantasy in the clouds to work towards: a juice that gives meaning to one’s life, regardless of the artificial nature. The love/hate balance is the key source of power and control.

7.)  Futbol with be replaced by NFL football as the "sport of the world" and youth leagues will be created in all countries. The word "futbol" will cease to exist, permanently replaced by the word "soccer". Who can argue with blood curdling rock 'n' roll blasting, violence and skimpily dressed young hotties prancing and dancing around?

These are only a few ideas (‘jottings’), though the general concept is absolutely 100% necessary and logical.

Europe, Japan, South America, India and now China have fallen under the allure of Americanism. They want the rock ‘n’ roll, Hollywood, big boobies, SUVs…etc. And let’s not forget the Middle East: the first cultural movement to penetrate this ancient civilization in over two thousand years was rock ‘n’ roll and its prophet was Elvis Presley.
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Renaming Earth: The United States of America
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