Mr. Wikileaks, Julian Assange
Fuses Cyber Terrorist Entrepreneurship and Androgynous Yuppie Optimization
By LUCIO BLANCO | May 12, 2017

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Julian Assange: Whistleblower front man for Wikileaks, refutes the criticism surrounding the legitimacy of his organization. They are not a gossipy source of content flow Assange adamantly claims, though with a new ‘reality television’ glaze: mixing the new TV rage with a real dose of conspiracy and political intrigue. On the surface it is a tantalizing thriller in a new format though when you spend time and dig inside it falls flat so what is it? More News? James Bond teams up with Jason Borne? More scattered, unfocused information with few
Julian Assange
conclusions to what, why and who are pulling the strings. That is why we are so interested, because Wikileaks is bullying truth from the cave, dodging the bullets, to aid in the crusade for “Transparency”: another one of those gold nugget catch phrases that the human mind loves to wrap itself around.

Wikileaks does not begin to penetrate the inner circle of power or corruption. My critique does not pertain to Wikileaks agendas; like U.S. hate or their high horse serial justice hunting - it’s that they never pin point anything beyond the obvious. They are not what they profess to be doing: exposing the nefarious inner channels of megapolitics and identifying power matrix’s.

I will ask again, what information have they given us that is so revealing? It appears as a revelation because it comes with a video or audio recording amplifying its importance and when it’s attached to a high profile government official like Hilliary Clinton, you have a rock star content buffet. War atrocities? Spies? CIA covert operations? There are libraries of this information written by former CIA agents, along with personal memoirs, uncovered confidential reports, Pulitzer Prizing winning writers, secret letters, FBI files, tapes, assassination flow charts and any other strange, weird, unimaginable thing that the human mind can possibly concoct like covert operation MKULTRA: a CIA project that ran through the 1950s and 1960s with the objective of developing mind control techniques for interrogations as well as creating new methods of behavioural control. Yes, real life Manchurian Candidate stuff and so much of this information is already out there, only that would require reading beyond the sound bites.

In a document titled "The WikiLeaks Threat" three data intelligence companies, Plantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies, outline a plan to attack Wikileaks.
It is random, but it is a wonderful bit of copywriting. It reads like a thriller on a movie poster.

Wikileaks, from a pop/marketing perspective is a gem.

“Leaks” is a word that has garnered a great deal of emotional feedback. The 2 keywords here are; “Leaks” and “emotional”. The word “Leaks” ultimately, down the chain of twists and turns, means Secrets and Secrets are very important elements to the human psyche.

There are no secrets.

Wikileaks not only attracts the general public because it is considered inflammatory (always a hot seller), it also draws in News organizations, journalists, the professional blogger, paparazzi wagons: all looking for new blood curdling content. The key word is 'content', which becomes more and more of a valuable commodity on the 24/7 information grid. The inexpensive “filler” void of reality television was provoked by the dire need for more original content, though strangely, it’s mind-numbing effects has served a serious medicinal need. Reality television provides the sort of escapism that distracts some from alcohol and drugs and Wikileaks follows like a blood clot, a 21st Century Pop Installation piece on steroids. A cognitive lobotomy in HD. The light switch is off so let the healing begin.

Oprah, The New York Times, TMZ, Trump, E, The Wall Street Journal, People, Ridiculous Mind could all learn a thing or two about promotion via a thorough analysis of the Wikileaks marketing model. The inner mechanics of the Mire Exposure Effect (i.e. look at it until you puke), have reached new highs though not in a traditional sense. Normally, this type of subliminal persuasion works best with product promotion, movie stars or athlete branding, only now it is used as a deflection tool. The culture of fear has turned into the culture of mind control because fear no longer pulls the type of weight it use to. The game has become more complex, propelling the art of psychological manipulation into new frontiers.

The money model is also near perfect: No ads, only the Donation Button. Then The Invisible Finger presses the Donation button, the curtain opens to the soon to be slaughtered lamb (Assange) crying for money so he can continue to carry his cross for mankind. Nice. That is the only truly shinning brilliance of Wikileaks - it’s marketing model, a blow by blow passive/aggressive emotional mind-game with D.T.’s, to keep you in check.
The excerpt below is from one of Wikileaks random, directionless posts:
Julian Assange: Androgynous, smug, bad dye job - leaving news conference.
Private Bradley Manning (U.S. Army), was arrested in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of feeding Wikileaks with classified material.


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