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thought experiments without thoughts
M is a multiple personality
            we hate anxiety But welcome fear...
able to be a

                                illusion is what we call faith
scupltures: Kiki Smith
thought experiments without thoughts
RM is a multiple personality
we hate anxiety But welcome fear...
Uncomfortable to be a human?
illusion is what we call faith
Synchronicity paraphernalia fostered from the womb of a microchip
The New Psychology of The 21st Century
Wireless Nirvana via Bicarbonation
Man vs. Machine is here
like we knew it would be, only did we think we would so willingly bow down and embrace it? The infamous desporia's of Kafka, Wells, Orwell and Huxley predicted a maniacal societal infrastructure of control, not a total machine submissiveness,
a machine worship that has become universal protocol.
The Bicarbonated Esthetic (BE)
The Bicarbonated Esthetic is a personalized mien of perception; emphasizing instinct and feeling over logic with an acceptance of the effects of digital ideology on the psyche.
• Cognition moves vertically and
• Machine Consciousness is a
  component of Human Consciousness.
Acceptance of postulates
lead to BE.
To be alive is a kaleidoscopic experience where new, evolving transcendental philosophies must be developed outside sense-experience models and then of course integrated. The Bicarbonated Esthetic is a personalized mien of perception; emphasizing instinct and
feeling over logic, though this archetypal concept has counter-intuitively sought out a more clearly defined understanding for this modern day psychosis, the violation of technological interruption on cognition and
the senses.
This 21st Century reality is no longer the material of science fiction writers or Hollywood movies, man vs. the machine has begun and has already altered our beliefs and thoughts, so much so that machine deities like the iPhone hold more prestige than any leader or thinker or human for that matter. The iPhone might be the first consumer technology to hold a truly emotional connection to the human, a relationship similar to what we might have with a loved one or friend.

Machine Deities, another worthy subject for investigation we will not veer into at this time, only to make the crucial point that emotion is now also digital. Machine consciousness is approaching the advent of organic-cyber-fusion: emotional, not in an imaginative framework; in a real live world sense of heat, adrenaline and touch.

The melding of the epistemological past with this digitally produced DNA (fostered from the womb of a microchip), has brought forth a subconscious self-contained imperial cult of the mind. By understanding or at least accepting this invasion, we as a species can move forward to fulfill our true potential. This nirvana can only come in the accepted marriage of human consciousness and machine consciousness, and in turn a Bicarbonated Mind(s) actualization can occur.

Do we reach into the dark shoals of morality? Is it morally acceptable to welcome into our physiological framework man's engineering wizardry? A screw and a flowing vein will not only become neighbors, they will replicate together…? Once again, the engineering under discussion here is not mechanical without connection to implants, it is the affects of the machine on cognition, like the black bear who knows a human is near and knows it should hide. Organic machine consciousness is similar to the bear analogy: we evolve in ways that are consciously understood or even seen though the metamorphosis is subconscious.

It is a force outside of morality plays, it is inevitable, it will come and no one can stop its flow. The acceptance of the inevitable is a quintessential aspect of psychic bicarbonation. Synchronicity paraphernalia like pollution or cold winters, they will come no matter what one thinks or does.

Furthermore, it is important not to confuse bicarbonation psychology with AI. This is about perception, not the nuts and bolts of gadgetry and physics.

Bicarbonated Modeling
Metaphorical Thought Experiment
Bicarbonated Path
Elemental Bicarbonation Diagram
The Bicarbonated Mind(s) is the poet or mathematician's ideal, spray painted in a glossy repellant, to fight off the memories of the walls. Our memories will always compromise this individuality and it is part of our DNA to be in conflict with something. Psychophysical causation is essential to Bicarbonated Modeling.

The science of emotion becomes an unexpected necessity; in particular, the study of facial expressions. Nonverbal behavior has brought forth the greatest discoveries, revealing hidden bio-digital anthropological traits via Bicarbonated Modeling.
“Whenever, therefore, people
are deceived and form
opinions wide of the truth,
it is clear that the error has
slid into their minds through
the medium of certain
resemblances to that truth.”

A Heuristic How-To for Bicarbonation = Bicarbonated Mind(s)
A 6th sense in order to penetrate machine psychology.
This penetration is a multilayer construct.
What is the Machine?
Society Government Religion
Each possessing their own specialized control cultures.
Fundamental Concepts

   • Cognition moves vertically and horizontally.
   • Machine Consciousness is a component of Human Consciousness.

Acceptance of postulates.

• Monetary System
• Psychological Manipulation

Machine Power Control Constants
Both of these constants are one in the same and yet are separate entities. They possess the same objectives only they proceed by divergent methods.
A subject rarely approached, though a dynamic and omnipotent coercion that preys upon the physical as well as the mental states. Boredom makes you weak in every aspect, leading one from point A to point B of an inhuman monetary system dictated by ever changing numbers, percentages and decimal points of synchronized cyber realm commerce solutions. 
The Principal of Boredom
This is the primary control binder of machine psychology.
The quasi-plural of the (s) makes reference to the multiple personality aspects of the human mind. A Bicarbonated Mind(s) is a multiple personality state, it is the desired physiological state. Multiple Personality states are a natural human trait, which the machine culture sets out to destroy. This mental state is a central ingredient to individuality, to the attainment of higher perception stratums and lethal to control dogmas.
Multiple Personality Optimization

The highest functioning part of the brain, the neocortex, is unable to operate in what we have constructed as the theory of logic. The mind and brain wrestles with each other's control as well as reality. Is one a component of the other or do they perhaps exist on separate, floating membranes of animal instinct fused with the burning inner vision that all humans take from the womb and that is the search and understanding of beauty.

Mind-Body Duality
BM Strategy (In 3 Steps)
Step - 1
The first and foremost step to BM(s), is to escape the hypnotic pull of the machine. To set stratagems around defeating the control is a central error due to the simple fact that it is beyond the scope of possibility. This apparatus of preprogrammed collateral damage is too large and powerful to wage war with and has turned far too many people to its temples.
A colleague put it well, "Pierce the control constants then enter, slide through and find a shadow to hide under and begin planting the seeds to grow a bicarbonate sensibility."
Step - 2
Control Constant M
A material control device, that is paramount to subjugation over personality, is through currency and thoughts around attaining more of it. This creates an intended obstacle. There are obviously many more obstacles and the only way to overcome these machine induced distractions is to study them. You must become as close as possible in order to properly understand and ultimately escape them.

Step - 3
Control Constant P
The second significant control devise is through psychology, reinforced by Society's triple headed monster:
All three are interruption synthesizers creating mental and spiritual obstacles like in a factory assembly line: precise, premeditative, incredibly efficient and effective. Noise is a primer enabling optimal obstacle creation flow.
3.Educational system
The Bicarbonated Mind(s) Revolution
Each of the fundamental concepts and strategy steps hold a library of walls, obstacles, that must be broken down. Each wall contains its own methodology that only creative ideas can transform. Once they have been overcome a Bicarbonated Mind(s) will form. The word "bicarbonated" is only a word that I have used as a sort of catch-phrase, label; to capture the flavor of a mind unshackled by man's creations, though connected digitally.

Freedom in the true sense cannot be attained. In essence, the word "freedom" is a false word that should not be attached to the human. The human mind has been polluted beyond repair like an unnatural chemical, lacing our DNA, a sort of virus unable to be eradicated. It is part of our species, for now, perhaps; so by this acceptance and understanding, what is an appropriate possibility is a Bicarbonated Sensibility.

These creations should never rule a mind. The impurities of our creations should be lessons on what to avoid, except, in some rare cases, they can be extraordinary tools to help in an individual's quest for an original life-vision, an original perception, an original religion in a completely personalized setting.

Etymology  »   »   »
The term Bicarbonated originates from the word 'bicarbonte': In inorganic chemistry, bicarbonate (IUPAC-recommended nomenclature: hydrogen carbonate) is an intermediate form in the deprotonation of carbonic acid. It is an anion with the chemical formula HCO3-. 
Consilence: electronics arts emotion
Bicarbonated Mind(s)
Hypnosis and NLP Certification!

June 29, 3067
Here, by the simple acceptance of these intricate manipulation networks, release points are naturally formed that can bring a person into their individuality.
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