1985? It was around this time that computers began to make a serious impact on industry and society. An incredible amount of discussion regarding the shift toward a 30-hour workweek became
the flavor of the month and seemed theoretically logical. Since we now
could do things much faster and more efficiently with computers, the
next step was to shorten the workweek so humanity could benefit
from these life-altering technological innovations. However,
instead of leaping at the opportunity to heighten the quality
of life, the opposite occurred, instigating an era of unprecedented
economic expansion. The computer became the perfect excuse for More.

How naive, to think we were better.

On average, a person will see and hear about 3,000 commercials a day, and often bombarded at the same time. The first minute on the web in the morning, the space of time it takes to take a sip of coffee, the average American has been exposed to a couple hundred ads from video, audio, music jingles, pop-ups you name it and with only a couple clicks. This equates to a productive collateral damage, propagated by an international propaganda empire that stretches to every country and city in the world.

Revenue/Consumption Lifestyle Indoctrinations
In this segment of The Grid we will explore the indoctrination methods, timelines and philosophy of this hidden network whose omnipresence has evolved Lifestyle Patterning tactics to the forefront of human imagination.
Social movements like Green, Wikileaks or the wild rage of the 1960's are great triumphs for The Grid. Being Green is incredibly distracting, seducing humanity away from the truth, away from the serpent-like deception that has been poured into our coffee, milk, water and lungs: A mind-soul mutation transplant.
Creation & Containment
The primary purpose of indoctrination is the creation of loyal Citizens of the State, similar to the military agenda of concocting hard working and honest individuals who do exactly what they are told. The modern Citizen of the State will fight for his freedom with more passion than ever before due to easy information access and powerful tools of communication; consequently the ruling elite have fine-tuned their control stratagems to unprecedented heights.
Workers = Buyers
Careerist Paradigm
Divinity Containment
News · Fetish · Nothingness
Workers = Buyers
In some instances only workers are created though eventually this leads to social unrest and disaster. The purpose is to make them think they have hope.
Careerist Paradigm
Besides the Workers=Buyers creation, the Careerists Paradigm was constructed to pacify the educated class. They require more gifts in conjunction with increasing credit limits. The purpose is to make them think they are part of the ruling class.

The phrase, 'Indentured Servant' could be associated here. 'Slave', is more accurate in some respects, though 'Indentured Servant' has more body with extensive multitudes of grayness. Complexity is essential to distraction and distraction could be considered the central mechanism to psychological chaos: the strong-arm of the authoritarian state.
Divinity Containment
The ionization of the Worker Buyer Careerist Paradigm into one mindless pulsation of productivity can only reach full crystallization with an ecclesiastical component. Any religion will do, as long as the people of that region in question believe. The inherent myopic nature of "holy" doctrines on human cognition is the antithesis to control. Belief, like Distraction and Complexity are powerful instruments of indoctrination.
Developmental Stages of Indoctrination (Stimulus and Sensory Modality)
The only time a human is allowed to learn by pure experience and instinct. However, no time is wasted. These years are critical regarding symbol and ritual matriculation. 
No longer a child and must perform. Here is where memorization skills and repetition become prime focal points. Authority is learned to be feared. Boredom Endurance is
an imperative objective.
High school is the final molding of personality, from  an  intuitive individuality to a careerist's vision. Realizations that what they thought were dreams were in fact the fancy, impractical musings of a, childish, former self.
A high percentage of people reach complete Indoctrination into the Grid pathology so these years focus on reinforcement. Even 'rebels' believe and will go so far as to promote careerist dogma.
In the next section, Technology of Influence, the foundation for the developmental stages in the timeline above was made possible.
"The Spartan praxis of The Grid's indoctrination." - Plato
This might be the number one killer of a young mind and their outlook on school. One could formulate a strong argument regarding the destructive elements of the textbook. Case in point, the U.S. History book a child receives in 3rd grade appears to be the same one used in senior year of high school only the print is smaller and there are less pictures but the author is the same.
(Religious fear)
The word 'faith' might
be the most potent manipulation weapon implanted in one word. Instantly, it moves mountains. Civilization would not be what it is without this hypnotic instrument. Any question or confusion regarding God is wiped away in one smooth motion with 'faith'.
Pharmaceutical Access
The pharmaceutical industry serves dual purposes and both are paramount to maintaining The Grid's sovereignty. The obvious benefits are the revenue channels. The second reason, and the cardinal component to success, is the actual affects that these legal feel-goods lend. Religion and faith now need assistance in the form of high-end boutique drugs to the everyman's prescriptions. It is far less costly to keep the masses content with drugs as opposed to more freedoms.
Liberal Democracy will become the last platform The Grid will construct before the machine takes over the task orientated aspects of life like work, cleaning, cooking and even government. Eventually, all nations will slip into Liberal Democracy due to its sustainable engineering for strategic growth and control. The populous have reached a level of education unparalleled in history. Additionally, this forced the caretakers of The Grid to raise their level of manipulation proficiency for optimal execution and delivery. This has necessitated more in depth research and experimentation into the phenomenological and physiological landscape of society. No longer is food and a hut good enough, now they want A/C and higher ideals. And for those who already possess higher ideals, they want more and in an expected, unoriginal daze they seek God's touch, mainly through drugs, adrenaline, easy thrills and buying. Again, reinforcement techniques to strengthen the buyer base, which has morphed into a paraphernalia apparatus of thingamajigs and whatchamacallits filling garages across the heartland with a double of anything and oxycontin to numb the numbness of what was some sort of undefined/forgotten pain. Why wait for the pain to come back? Just be ready all the time.
Individual aspirations have transformed into a "new" individuality. This new individuality is more logical, practical, the careerist's vision. Nevertheless, once an individual has traversed the indoctrination developmental stages successfully, continual reinforcements are required. The critical moment for a loss of faith can come at any instant; however, research has proven this "critical stage" falls between the ages of 25 thru 30. This precarious juncture in human development is commonly referred to as disillusionment.

Embroiled in the pointless monotony of Sunday Mass, walk the dog, cleanups, alarm clock, Monday morning, cubicles or soulless offices where ethical breakdowns are just another cup of instant coffee. Disillusionment opens the doors to carefree nothingness. Nothingness allows individuals to feel like they have nothing to lose and this Nothingness consist of the seeds for revolution.

Mind management polemicists transposed disillusionment and made it a potent ally.

The discourse of freedom is everywhere (TV, web, phones, print, billboards); a consequence of freedom possessing an intrinsic fuel for selling and buying. Selling and Buying merchandise in all forms, so the facade of freedom is an essential component to maintaining The Grid's expansion engines, while the downside, it inversely spurs an individual to question the entire system, to question everything he was ever told. The answer to this dangerous exposure (DX) classification emerged with yet another form of psychological terrorism; inducing companies to push employees harder, for the hard work will assure the freedoms of the material along with the jewels of recognition.

The psychological modeling of Motivated Disillusionment has given predatory capitalism maximum return.
Liberal Democracy: A/C and Higher Ideals
Solution to Disillusionment:
LIFE GOALS: 401K + Inheritance + Stocks + Property + Life Insurance Policies + Insurances + Savings.
Maintaining The Grid's Expansion Engines
American Cultural Imperialism is the New Religion of The World, a manifestation of The Grid's desires.
The Grid's Indoctrination Model has produced millions of conversions. It enables the transmission from manipulation to expansion with the least resistance. Liberal Democracy, it is not, yet by giving a great deal of personal freedom, covert tactics must be taken in the form of a multi-trillion dollar marketing campaign regarding what makes a Winner. What makes a productive Citizen of the State. For example, as witnessed in the United States and England, you can no longer rule by force so the instruments of deception must become psychological. This manner of population control has spread to many more parts of the world.

The primary objective of The Grid is growth. Without growth there are no goals. No goals equal no purpose. Growth brings purpose and recognition. Recognition is the supreme altruism of a loyal citizen, and on this point is where The Grid takes a decisive advantage for recognition is meaningless. Only expansion has meaning.

Afterimages of a formal self. This is what the long years of indoctrination have taught one to believe, to believe in a token god-like self-image, "The stranger that lives inside your mind." Many people, later in life, like a revelation, see through the plethora of deceit; except, the spirit has already been pounded down, so little is left as far as fighting goes. Afterimages bring forth emotions of regret and/or loss.

"The stranger that lives inside your mind."
The Beginning of The End
A Memorial To A Fleeting Vision - The 30 Hour Workweek

explorations into monotony with mad occult delight
By LUCIO BLANCO | March 15, 2023


Lady Gaga's


Bicarbonated Mind(s)
nigged-out déjà vu
Faster, Pussycat!
Kill! Kill!
Mormon Underwear

American Cotton
Espionage &
Church Cults
everything goes through here
Special Public Announcement from RidiculousMind.com
Support the Medical Industry and keep America strong.
The Grid's Invisibility=Visibility is the foundation of world culture. A distinctive world culture has emerged to the forefront, propagated by American cultural and economic imperialism + bandwidth, (Wealth: essential gateway to purpose and recognition).

Reality has become difficult to define.

The creators have long disappeared and they would be proud to witness how their Frankenstein has flourished.

The Digital Screen Pill Induced 21st Century Lifestyle is a manner of chaos propagated by a pseudo neuropsychological engineering; and this sustained bungee jump of RushSpeed and time contraction, that we call "life today", are complex networks of premeditated distraction. Deception, clandestine or control are improper words, this is the pathology The Grid has given us for that very purpose—to distract. They have always controlled freedom and thought. It is with words like faith, friend, loyalty they wield their control with.
The three (3) objectives listed above, lead not only to a passive and preoccupied consciousness, they in turn implant a secret belief system, a religion based upon predatory capitalism. Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism are all Knights of Predatory Capitalism; guiding humanity toward The Grid's secret belief mantra. It is only secret in that there is no dialogue on any level specifically defining this transient objective. These secrets become whole within the individual and, on at least a subconscious level, it is understood that this secret religion is their true belief system. The handcrafted world religions fill in the deep holes of guilt and desired conviction and meaning, nevertheless, on an emotional level they are dusty relics of a preliterate era, a baggage with an ever-wavering esteem.
This is one of the most ignored of the indoctrination tools and for that very reason, one of the most lethal. The daily regime, beginning as toddlers; of repetition devoid of freedom mixed between the malaise of persistent thoughtless thrills and thoughtless gadgets all in preparation for the 9 to 5 — 401k burial. The buyer mentality flourishes. A cookie-cutter democratized death-worship, vouchsafed in a metaphysical gulf of language whose meaning has been slurred to fit the duplicitous agendas of the ruling elite.
systematic breakdown of systems
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