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"Schools train people to be ignorant with style."  - Frank Zappa

By LUCIO BLANCO | December 13, 2017

The New Meditation
What many of us vaguely know of mediation sounds like too much work, effort and pain like yoga for example. You might be saying to yourself - I need something to go with my pills, joint and rum because the edge keeps getting wider. I look around like a scared dog and cry to mommy, "O No, I need meditation like the gay Vegan dude at my job!"

Our mind/heart/soul are being siphoned by NOT ENOUGH TIME. Besides the mega-malls of pills and designer feel-goods, a New Meditation has emerged...

i want to disappear now...
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Yes, I know Flat Screen Entertainment Addiction ("FSEA") has been a topic of conversation for years, though now it has arrived as a universal cultural lynchpin: here's your remote, joystick, iPhone and toothbrush, without the remotest possibility of escape (you don't want to anyway), and why bother, it's part of life like taxes and work. You can now put your War of Warcraft experience on your resume. A cliché factory of sound bites and glowing buttons where even the words 'cliché' and 'commercialism' have lost their shine with age right next to re-runs of I Love Lucy.

Time Lobotomy is a field of study to reduce mind crowding. The hyper inertia of modern life where 24/7 means exactly that, is pushing us to the brink; keeping the pharmaceutical industry, drug dealers, alcohol and entertainment companies giddy and rich. Global Optimization is no longer just about business, it has become part of our nervous systems, our first true steps into the machine - no longer a 'some day' reflection, an inevitability however, we clearly are not physiologically equipped for the digital steroids the 21st Century has brought us, that we have brought ourselves.

Cyberpunk realities? The Me-Sphere has no limit. The advent of Interruption has also ushered in Cyber Terrorism as well as telepathic virtuality, dream theft, gadgeteer polemicists and a legion of MORE, tightly wrapped in a quantum acidjoint. A new Bohemia of encrypted existentialism. And, just the other day I was greeted by a cute manikin at a Macy's promotional perfume give-away.

A click...like a kiss...

Reality TV has brought a more precise definition to Nothing. The void of thoughtless consciousness: artificial transcendence: Zen Pop Drink to help take the edge off the growing Speed. Like soft margarine on warm bread, it melts instantly, you don't have to do anything, you are there...stress free.
Meditation without Meditating
What we view as entertainment is not entertainment but
the New Meditation


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