By HELEN SCHREDOR | December 9, 2014

Leave Me Bored Earth!
Blackjack & Strippers at 30,000 Feet
with Charlie Sheen
Recently we received an email from Helen Schredor
of Albuquerque, New Mexico regarding a plane flight she
took with Charlie Sheen.

Sheenjack: Charlie Sheen's version of blackjack.
"I was on a flight from Las Vegas to L.A. and Charlie Sheen sat down in the row in front of me in 1st class, the seat next to him was empty. A couple minutes before we took off a blond, dressed in a very low cut skin tight dress sat down next to him. Her beasts were huge and firm like bowling balls."
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"Right after that, the captain came out of the cockpit and got into a heated argument with the two passengers in front of Sheen. Finally they left, and went back into coach. The captain then went back to the cockpit and about a minute later five girls, looking like the one next to Sheen appeared. Two of them go into the cockpit and two of them grab two open seats and the third one begins to pop corks off Champaign bottles. Along with champagne they started doing shots of whiskey, I know because they handed me the bottle of Jack Daniels. I only had one shot and a couple glasses of champagne. Then the plane took off. Yea, all that in about 3 or 5 minutes."
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"The plane didn't even reach the clouds before they started playing Sheenjack, Charlie's version of blackjack. Basically, if you win or lose playing a regular game of blackjack you have to kiss Charlie but, there are different degrees of kissing with a point system I think he was making up as he went along. And if you won big you had to kiss and/or spank Charlie. They even had a portable blackjack table setup with chips and a real dealer. No one was using a seatbelt or obeying any of the rules, even the stewardesses were partying."

"Then some girls came out of the cockpit and some of the ones that were with us in first class went into the cockpit. These girls stripped down to pumps and a thong. Their nipples were covered by extremely shinny silver dollars and don't ask me how they stayed on. The woman sitting next to Charlie pulled a black canvas bag from under her seat and took from the bag three paintball guns but they were toy-like, they were miniature guns—or something? They splattered like a paintball gun does only they didn't hurt or leave marks. Actually, when they were hit they usually giggled like they were being tickled."

"The game didn't have a name? The idea was to aim at the silver dollars for bets. No matter what happened Charlie appeared to win and of course he wiped the paint from their breasts with cocktail napkins."

"Right in the middle of all this we hit the runway in L.A. The last thing I remember about that landing was a silver dollar flying off one of the women's nipples."

"Whatever anyone says about Charlie Sheen, to me he was a genuinely warm-hearted person and a complete gentleman."
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