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By LUCIO BLANCO | December 15, 2012

2011 Sultans & Diva's of Interruption
We Worship Them • We Hate Them • We Need Them
Like the Air We Breathe
Me-Sphere The Movie by RM Film

Me-Sphere The Movie
The pedestal rests with the stars, Babel's Tower…Information overload is the norm, it no longer is a problem for the 21st Century Mind, it is necessary, it is part of the game: the challenge to control it's appetite and the faces and personalities that crawl across our eyes thousands of times a day. What is required is the heart of a Satanist and the Mind of a five year old child.

These are not faces of famous people (the media's inventions) they are Me.

A tramp stamp of Babel's Tower…"Information overload" is no longer valid, it is in flux, moving from a problematic state to a new mind in HD with a souljam sound system where the collage becomes a primary tool of lifestyles, thought, reality. Drugs aren't enough, they're a cliché, a watered-down in-between, an answer without a posed question. Only when we can become gods, will it all make sense and the gods slip and split time, distance, tomorrow, whenever, parting a Coca-Cola river for the almighty orgasm that just rolls into infinity.

They are Me. You must say this because it is an elemental truth. An eternal truth.

We dress them and put thoughts and feelings into their lives.

Me-Sphere is only to be human and we exalt our Sultans & Divas of Interruption, who we worship or hate or love or want to torture or want to be and Are.

The faces roll in and out of Me. it as easy as that?…yes, no, maybe, yes…everything, all the time - a Superposition state known to some as an Evel Knievel Mindjack (Face Noogie's)...?...
Me-Sphere Pocketbook
From Fashionistas to Freakazoids to self-hate. Point the finger because it is so fulfilling. The Art of Finger Pointing is a deity to the ego, a modern day necessity (not simply for revenue purposes or the fodder of the media), though to validate our ravenous desires and our digital god-like self-image. Messiah Thoughts via a drive-thru, kitty-corner to Walgreens and McDonalds.

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Who will be the Sultans and Diva's of Interruption of 2012?

Send in your comments.

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