Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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Hollyweird Dictator Fetish
Pimp Masters, Movie Stars, Hitler and
The New Revolution

A cross-between a Fellini movie and a Tarantino blood and guts which somehow makes one laugh. Hugo Chavez has his own 24/7 channel, a special wavelength that make babies scream and baby chimps giggle. A channel, his people would do anything to cancel from their monthly cable package.
Late in the game, Fidel Castro's star has risen again, unexpectedly, to a new relevance, a 21st Century relevance, which can primarily be attributed to the emergence of his spiritual and emotional Pimp Master: Hugo Chávez whose oil and coca fields have been Castro, Inc.'s Viagra. Chávez's strange behavior brings it all into context, when we consider his idols: Fidel Castro and of course that would have to include Che Guevara and why not throw in Fidel's fun loving little brother Raul.

This resurgence in Castro, Inc. can also be attributed to the marketing firm of Hollyweird, with offices located in 43 countries.

A pretty boy movie star of the 70's and 80's with a likeable personality though a minor talent and an already forgotten star, though with that penchant for "Hollyweird Liberalism", which is another way of saying LSD-TITS! Baby! Bravo!...His nice-guy Rocky Mountain High is a hypocrisy. Just more of the Beverly Hills Whacko Liberalism.

The film, Motorcycle Diary's is the story of the young Che Guevara on a motorcycle trip. Redford, you put a mediocre half-wit on the platform of poet/warrior/saint for the world to glorify, in turn, guiding an already misguided and jaded generation of digheads to who? Che? Couldn't it have been Martin Luther King or a young Thomas Edison or  anyone that actually accomplished something?

No matter which way you go with a Frenchman, you end up with a Cartesian. What does that mean? All you have to remember is, it's very French. Provocateurs of aloof quirkiness, dropping rabbit-shit-sized surprises without warning, though with purpose…so we will leave it at that and just say he is French and thanks for the art, wine, chicks…and the next time we will see Depardieu giving Fidel or one of his pimps a hand-job—just remember—a Cartesian.
It gets hard to rip on Nicholson, because everyone loves Jack (though I am kind of sick of loving him and saying - "Jack's cool"). He can really act and he is an almost extinct breed: Movie Star…But I guess when you work in an industry that breeds success stories like Hannah Montana and everyone has been kissing your ass since 1969, one can stray from reality in the fog of the Hills. Castro probably had a harem of fun that even Nickolson had to admire. 

Ok, the shades and endless young hot flesh gets a bow, a thank you and another bow but hanging with washed out dictators like Fidel Castro? How embarrassing.

Nam Vet and Ex-hippy psychopath who feeds his messy ego with a true Satanists flair using as his tools; exhibitionism and inflammatory public commentary—now a Stone Standard: gimmick-publicity stunts to hide his shortcomings as a writer/filmmaker, and luckily for him (no one takes him seriously on any level), so no matter what squirts out of his mouth, it doesn't hurt his career, if anything, it is invaluable FREE publicity.  So, like a child that knows it can steal and get away with it—he gets away with it.

…and unfortunately, we all have had to sit through, a sustained series of self-indulgent, thoughtless (silly) stinkers like Comandante, The Hand, The Doors...etc... He is an agonizing trivialist with an artsy (though far from artistic) chic nihilism, in both fictional and non-fictional films. Three's Company had more character development than the substanceless Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps.

It is a well know fact that Bud (car salesman) is the commissioner of baseball because he is an easy puppet to string. The owners love his 'yes' mania disposition. Interesting, to see a Jew sitting next to a dictator? I guess this was a mere forecast for the lack of character, ethics and outright lack of common sense that found it's theater in the Steroid Wars. Bud, has that remarkable Deer-in-the-headlights glare that gives him a sort of old-style honest Joe Schmo gleam.

They once said he was the next James Dean? A fad that lasted about 10 minutes and this perverse over estimation, luckily for Penn, has followed him throughout his career. You have to give Penn credit for going so far on bad looks and below zero charisma. He is an edifice to one of those Hollywood 'types': pseudo-macho rich kid who has the cash to stomp around with a shotgun or hang with his boy Hugo Chávez or blow lines off a $5 Guatemalan whore's ass with his other boy—Oli "Coke Head" Stone.

I read in a forgettable article, how Del Toro has had to defend his drug-head looks because that's exactly what I thought - "Is this guy on heroine or what?" I think many in the industry have wondered if he was a juicer. Nevertheless, it still does not explain his suspiciously sauntering speech patterns and lazy-eye stares or is it just another bad Brando, a burning chasm many poor devils have fallen into at one point or another. 

Shakespeare, Richard Feynman, Michel de Montaigne, George Washington, Ernest Hemingway and/or a hundred/thousand more, truly interesting, seminal talents who left indelible marks on this shaky, frantic planet BUT instead Soderbergh takes us down the oily canals of a Subterranean Narcissistic 'I-Me' Vision to shine a glare on the Superior 'Minor', Che?! - and for 6 F-ING YEARS!? WOW! 6 years on Che? 6 years preparing with Bencio and his never wavering scowl. Fascinating, it must have been!

Of all the interesting genius's that have spanned the last 5 thousand years, with far more interesting lives, who actually left accomplishments, unlike Che; who was an enfant terrible, middlebrow intellectual (at best) who was caught in his own personal apocalyptic death orgasm. He sought death to disguise his inability to find real meaning, worth, due more than anything else to a lack of real talent.  Another Satanist, like Oliver Stone who’s Death Worship has transcended the globe via pop and bubble gum like Mickey Mouse, McDonalds and the two-for-one. 

After Guevara’s death, Sartre anointed him, “Not only an intellectual but also the most complete human being of our age. The era’s most perfect man.”

What the hell does that mean? First of all, before I say a word on Sartre, he was a creative genius (not in the American sense like Bob Dylan, but a real one), though genius in one or more areas of life does not necessarily carry over into all the other areas, like possessing a concise understanding of reality (day-to-day life) on the un-famous level which was absent from the rock-star adoration Sartre breathed most of his life.

The hedonistic, ho-crack-coke-Xbox snorting Romantic(?) x-soccer star from Argentina, a fellow patriot of El General Che!

Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of Diego's tedious, reoccurring bad behavior is—why does he look like a pirate?
Yes, I have come here to save Mr. Flynn who, oddly enough, served as a Hearst freelance correspondent and interviewed Fidel Castro while in the midst of fighting to take Cuba and again, shortly after the overthrow in 1958.

Cuban exile and author Carlos Eire said: "At that point when Flynn was there, Castro's policies were purely democratic. His goal was to remove Batista and stabilize the nation politically." However, it did not take long before Castro turned communist.

With a little time Flynn smelled the dead rat lying on the table. After a couple more visits he realized that Castro was no different than the Batista government that he dethroned.

The Marxist who loves Fidel and who he thought was a Marxist was instead an autocrat. Marquez, like Sartre, is a brilliant creative talent (the lesser of the two), nevertheless, quite substantial, though like his communist French counter-part, Sartre (the little weird guy with the big glasses and bad teeth), fell victim to a monomaniacal ego, which is understandable when one considers the often overdone esteem that are given to the "great" writers of South America by their countrymen. I guess this makes sense when one considers that this is a region of the world that has contributed close to nothing except; hot chicks and hot food, great—that's about it though hot chicks and fun should never be swiped under the rug completely. Consequently, it is understandable the ridiculous, overinflated esteem they have been granted.
Robert Redford
Oliver Stone
Unflappable Dictator Lover Extraordinaire
X-Pretty Boy...
Bottom-line, you're just an actor.
Some Choice Quotes from Oli
Hugo Chávez, Oliver Stone at 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)
Homoerotic overtones run through these photos of Stone cozied up with Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro...Who knows?
(No disrespect to Bozo the Clown)
After finishing a 6 year film project with Steven Soderberg on the biopic Che: Part One and Che: Part Two. Yes, a six-hour indulgent melee into nothingness. In an interview regarding the 6 hour bore Benico called Che a Jesus Christ figure among other child-like comments.
The dumbest human on this list? It's a toss-up between Ozzie Guillen and Diego Maradona.
Take a bath please.
The Tasmanian Devil
Castro, Inc.'s Top Sales Reps
Gérard Depardieu
Jack Nicholson
Why is this guy famous? Is he famous?
Bud Selig
Sean Penn
Benicio Del Toro
My Little Niga...

Steven Soderbergh
Spicoli in drag...
• "Stalin fought the German war machine more than
  any person."
• "Hitler is an easy scapegoat throughout history and
   it's been used cheaply."
• "And when you spread
  McDonald's all over the world,
  food becomes cheaper and
  more available to more people."
The Idiot
Cross-eyed Gremlin
Diego Maradona
Jean Paul Sartre
Errol Flynn
In his autobiography, everyone has a nickname, Castro and God share the same one: "The Beard."

One can hardly take seriously what the stumbling/mumbling/bumbling Diego might excrete or that it matters.
The Che tattoo Maradona
sports on his right shoulder
is now on sale at Toys 'r' Us
for only $29.99.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Ozzie Guillen
We have no women on our list which I think in itself is a compliment. However, there are plenty of the Che lovers, only they must by disqualified due to the sexual nature of their appeal.
Finger-Pointing Notes
Yes, here we are at the bottom of the shit sandwich of the Dictator Lovers List. I think the photo of Ozzie Guillen and his mouth (to the left) can reveal more than anything I am about to say.

In April of 2012 Guillen (Venezuela native), thoughtlessly blurted, like a six year old child, "I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that mother--is still here."

The big mouth head coach of the Miami Marlins also has stated that he respects Hugo Chávez.

In 2008 Men's Journal article: He was asked, "Who's the toughest man you know?" Guillen's response: "Fidel Castro. He's a bulls-dictator and everybody's against him, and he still survives, has power. Still has a country behind him. Everywhere he goes they roll out the red carpet. I don't admire his philosophy. I admire him."

It's like listening to the frantic worship of a juvenile toward a new Transformer action figure. This Neanderthal makes millions of dollars?...America been bery bery good to me...
We can point the finger all day at the U.S. Government, sure, though complete submissive silence is given when one listens to the actual people under the menace of the dictators in question. There is a definable explanation for the massive migration of people from Venezuela and Cuba under the Chávez and Castro regimes. These numbers equal millions and few of them, if any, have anything good to say about these dictatorships. Cubans are not allowed to leave the country for a good reason, because no one would stay.

The Hollyweirdness is no surprise. The clowns on this list romanticize these dictators and view them as honorable agents of change and this particular silliness arises due to their defiance to the U.S. Government imperialist policies though this should never be confused with the actual lives of the people in these suppressive societies. Cubans do not have access to the internet and were only recently granted permission to buy property even though none of them have money...but party members do. 
Nobel Prize Winner/Political Idiot Savant
• "They make prostitutes
   of us all."

Penn has formed a friendship with Chavez, visiting him in Venezuela on multiple occasions, and also visits to Fidel Castro.
Star of Revenge of The Nerds
Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara (Cuba, 1960)


Lady Gaga's


Bicarbonated Mind(s)
nigged-out déjà vu
Faster, Pussycat!
Kill! Kill!
Mormon Underwear

American Cotton
Espionage &
Church Cults
Depardieu told U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I met him in 1992 when I made him pate. He loves to eat also, and is very curious about food. He is a friend and I go hunting with him and with Raul. They know everything about everything and they are normal people."
In 1992, Depardieu met Castro for the first time, the beginning of a friendship that lasts to this day.
Maradona gives Castro a gift, a photo of them together in a deep embrace.
By Stan Walters,who provides interview and interrogation services and training to law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.
How to Spot a Lie and
Protect Yourself from Deception
Numbers For Worship
Numbers To Worship and Fear
There have been individuals who have looked at a series of numbers from a newspaper, invoice, contract, will, stock, handwritten note and then preceded to jump out of a building. Only numbers. Sometimes we jump for joy and get religious. Numbers.

everything goes through here
Marquez and Fidel in florescent red and green.
Benicio Del Torro as Che Guevara in the biopic marathon - Che: Part One and Che: Part Two.
Bud Selig and Fidel Castro watch the Baltimore Orioles' vs. Cuban National Team. (1999, Cuba)
Errol Flynn with Fidel Castro and his entourage in 1958 shortly after the overthrow.
Noam Chomsky: Myth of Liberal Media
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A Modern Classic

First published in 1992

Now updated with a new afterword from the author.

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