A website that is worth millions in marketing and sales as well as bringing a new, diverse audience to any brand.

RidiculousMind.com (RM), is a News & Opinion, Pop Culture, Entertainment online Magazine; a reflection of our Celebrity/Commodity/Corporate Culture. A mix of satire, illusion, humor, reality and nonsense.
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What exists now is only the infancy of RM, an exotic sketch of what is to come. Below is a sneak preview of the future:

Besides following the standard run of articles it will also be a birth place for other websites to spring from that will weave in and out of RM. One small example of this is listed below: DancingNakedRedChicks.com
Ridiculous Mind has extraordinary commercial possibilities as an Ad platform as well  
as a promotional machine for anything imaginable. Listed below is a run-down:

1.) Ad platform

2.) Articles customized around sponsored products.

3.) Marketing for your company (investors), directly and indirectly. The  
uniqueness and pure entertainment value of this site will garner attention  
to your brand, which in itself holds substantial value.

4.) Membership site (as discussed in the previous section).

All of these revenue streams have limitless possibilities and in an age when  
commercial creativity is at an apex in volume and interest, when trying to be  
different is one of the key ‘names of the game’, Ridiculous Mind is indeed that.
Example 1: Humanoid Dating/Wars
Three websites, separate from RM, will be released approximately a
month apart from each other. All three are dating websites, very
typical of this genre.
1. Manikins
2. Barbie & Ken
3. Blow-up Dolls

Posts and ads will be displayed on RM.
After 3 to 6 months of all three websites being live, cross dating
begins, which brings forth accusations, robberies, violence and then
war. The bloody fighting between all three groups leave the confines
of the posts on RM as well as each individual site, invading other
posts, unrelated, leaving blood stains and dismembered parts across
the RM Home page.

Example 2: Boobology
An entire website devoted to the science of Boobology; containing
everything that makes up a serious science website. Boobology is
the science of technologically enhanced breasts with sonar, sound,
telepathic capabilities, etc.
Treasure Hunt Mystery
Inside the website, a treasure of $10,000 is hidden. It could be anywhere; inside an article, behind an image, inside a video…etc. Clues are left in a series of posts that lead the viewer all over the website.

The Making of Ridiculous Mind
This is a concept never attempted regarding a website, usually regulated to a film or a rock tour. This can easily be converted into a Membership Site focusing on the actual making as well as the marketing/sales techniques employed.
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